LifeBuddi Is Different
… and that’s a good thing

Unlike traditional wellbeing and health apps, LifeBuddi is not a calorie counter or fitness tracker for those who never miss a beat. Instead, LifeBuddi is for the 82% of us who want to make some changes to our wellbeing and health but sometimes struggle to find time or stay on track.

LifeBuddi is all about you

At its heart is an artificial intelligence engine that gets to know you, understands you, and works with you.

you are not alone
you are not alone


  • Guides you to fit wellbeing and health into your busy life with 7-day action plans that get you winning with small steps
  • Keeps you motivated with personalised reminders and motivational nudges, especially at those times when you need them most
  • Coaches and supports you 24/7 to overcome obstacles and stay focused
  • Invites you to share your journey with family or friends or connect with like-minded people.

7 Day Free Trial


Download LifeBuddi today and in just 7 days your health will be back on track for good. Whether you want to lose weight, create a healthier lifestyle, or simply have more energy for the things that matter, LifeBuddi will help you take health out of the too-hard basket.

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