Well, the festive season is officially over. The pants are feeling a little more snug, the gym shoes have gone AWOL in the back of your wardrobe, and you’re feeling the physical and mental effects of a whirlwind few weeks. 

As has become custom at this time of year, you decide that you’re ready to make some big changes to your weight in 2019. This year will be the one. ‘New Year, New You’ – right?

“I’m going to lose those extra kilos!” “I’ll renew that gym membership!” “I’ll eat a healthier, more balanced diet!” 

But… how many time shave you been in this exact position before? So you know it’s going to go 1 of 2 ways…

Scenario 1: You make a great start only to find that by the end of January things aren’t quite so great. Your New Year’s Resolution seems like a distant memory (Don’t worry – you’re not alone. 92% of us fail within the first month!)

Scenario 2: You stick to your New Year’s Resolution and lose those extra kilos. You’re left feeling amazing and really good about yourself. But, pretty soon you let your guard down and find yourself frustrated and straight back where you started.

So, what’s the secret to being successful with your New Year’s Resolution? To staying on track not just in January, but all year long?

Don't Start Your New Year's Resolution

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First let’s begin with the problem. The reality is that far too many of us make the mistake of simply waking up on the 1st of January and starting to ‘do.’ We get roped into the hype of the New Year and we believe that in order to make a change, we need to have a New Year’s Resolution. We believe that by just ‘making a start’ and ‘doing’ that we will stay on track long term.

The issue is that we neglect to set a game plan. We haven’t stopped to consider all of the things that could go wrong (and have done so in the past), and set processes in place to deal with them when they arise. Perhaps you’ve heard the saying “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” 

The simple truth is that without a stable foundation or platform we can’t sustain any kind of long term change. Think about this – would you build or renovate a house on an unstable platform? So why ‘rebuild or renovate yourself’ without a stable platform?

So, the first step in achieving long term success is DON’T START! Don’t start working on your New Year’s Resolution until you’ve got the following 3 things sorted… 

Step 1: Readiness 

Stop and ask yourself a brutally honest question: “Am I ready?” Give yourself a score out of 10 right now of how ready you think you are. 

Now, before you go and give yourself a high score because you believe you’re in the right headspace, ask yourself “Am I really ready?”

> Are you ready to make the sacrifices needed to stay on track long term?

> Are you ready to turn a ‘want’ into a ‘must have’?

> Are your ready to make your weight loss a ‘not-negotiable’? 

You see, it’s only when we make a TRUE decision, and make a full commitment to ourselves and our goals that we succeed. So, what’s your score out of 10? If you’re under a 7/10 – that’s ok. But it’s time to rethink a few things – to put your health into perspective. Be honest with yourself and dig a little deeper to uncover what’s stopping you or, more importantly, what’s going to move you forward. 

Step 2: Find Your ‘WHY’ 

If you always struggle to stay focused and motivate when it comes to your weight loss, it’s likely because you haven’t taken the time to uncover the deep, emotional reason that’s driving your desire for change. This is what we like to call your ‘Deeper Why.’

Maybe you want to improve your quality of life, or have more energy for your kids.

Uncover your WHY by asking yourself one question: What do I want most in life that I will gain by achieving my goal? In other words, what’s most important to you?

Now, once you’re clear on your WHY, it’s time to use it. Next time that little voice inside your head starts to lead you astray, STOP, PAUSE, and remind yourself of your WHY. You see, in these moments we’re acting based on desire – what feels right for that moment. When we reflect on our WHY it reminds us what truly matters. When your WHY is strong you’ll find yourself staying on track whenever the temptations and excuses arise.

Step 3: Set a Game Plan to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution! 

Have you ever looked enviously at a successful business person or professional athlete and wondered how they stay so focused and motivated all the time? Are they just superhuman or do they have a secret weapon that none of us are in on?

Well, they’re not superhuman. They simply have a structured and detailed game plan in place for how they’re going to achieve their goals.

Start by unpacking what you want to achieve. Let’s say your New Year’s Resolution is to lose 10kg’s by the end of the year…

> Where do you need to be in 3 months to achieve that year-long goal?

> What do you need to do next week to achieve that 3 month goal?

> What exercises do you like doing or that your body responds well to? Is there a new form of exercise you’d like to try this year? Likewise, do you need to make any adjustments to your diet?

How and when will you make it happen? Start with small steps and be realistic about what you can fit into your life. Think about when you’re able to do the actions you need to do to achieve your goals. Is it a matter of waking up half an hour earlier and getting in your exercise before the kids are up? Could you plan to go for a power-walk on your lunch break? Start to map out when you can fit health into your busy schedule and then lock it in. Make it a ‘not-negotiable’ as you would for a doctors appointment or a haircut.

So, there you have it. DON’T START working on your New Year’s Resolution unless you’ve got your solid foundation set. It might sound like a different approach to what you’re used to, but that’s the point. If you continue doing what you’ve always done, you’ll fall off track with your New Year’s Resolution by the end of January. To create enduring changes, it’s more important to get the foundations right and succeed, than to rush and fail. 

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