It feels as though all we did was blink and just like that – the festive season is among us. Michael Buble’s crooning his way out of his annual hibernation, exasperated husbands’ start to reluctantly hang Christmas lights as if they’d rather be doing anything else, and the invitations to parties start to fill up the mailbox.

Despite it only being mid-November, it feels as though there’s a collective willingness to jump the gun and begin the festivities as soon as possible. And with that comes the mentality of a ‘final push’ in terms of  our motivation to stay healthy and well. 

“If I drop 2kgs now, that means I can put it back on over Christmas and still be a healthy weight.”

“If I cut out carbs now, I can really load my plate up with those crispy, golden roasties come Christmas day without the guilt.”

Sound familiar? Don’t worry – we’re  all there with you.

While Christmas is a joyful time to be enjoyed with loved ones; it also wreaks havoc on our wellbeing (both physical and mental) every year. Work parties, neighbourhood BBQs, and family get togethers bring with them what can feel like a never-ending stream of food, alcohol, stress and chaos.

But all of the hard work you’ve put in to reaching your WHY throughout the year doesn’t have to come undone despite all of the festivities. There is a way to survive the holiday period without having to unbutton your jeans, kill yourself in the gym before the day starts, or beat yourself with guilt. Continue reading for our practical, fool-proof ways to regain your motivation before the holiday season ramps up. 

1. Be Realistic 

More often than not, it can be harder to stay on track with your health in the run up to Christmas than it is on the actual holiday itself. With so many events and temptations, setting unrealistic goals or expecting yourself to stick to the same rigorous routine as you have for the last 10 months is (in some sense) doomed for failure. 

Make sure you’re realistic in what you can achieve (i.e. getting up and going for a 30 minute walk everyday) and what might not be so likely (i.e. avoiding the champers at your work Christmas party).

2. Be Specific

What is the one thing you can stick to every day that will make you feel like you are keeping things somewhat on track? Is it going for a walk everyday? A morning swim? Drinking 2L of water? Whatever it is that you enjoy doing and will feel motivated to do in the lead up to the break – lock it in. 

3. Remember Your Vision

During November, it’s to be expected that life will get in the way of your goals and you might end up losing sight of why you started in the first place. Go back to that inspiring image you had of yourself as a 10/10, and recall the benefits of becoming that person.

4. Refocus On Your WHY

If you’re feeling your motivation start to wane before you’ve even reached Christmas, then it’s time to reflect on your WHY. Your WHY is that deep, emotional reason of why you really want to make a change. Think about how far you’ve come so fat this year in reaching your WHY, and remind yourself that you’re still a work in progress.

Remember, as we enter the festive season – balance is key. Wherever you can, try to balance unhealthy choices with healthier ones. If you need a little extra support to do this, download the LifeBuddi app for iOS for Free today. You can use the app to schedule your health actions, make note of your goals – but most importantly, LifeBuddi will help boost your motivation through daily inspiration, coaching and support. 

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