‘Tis the season where the pants get a little tighter, the wallet gets a little lighter, and the head gets a little fuzzier. Yes, the ‘Silly Season’ is here and with it comes every kind of Christmas party you could ever dream of – staff parties, family parties, neighbourhood parties, even end-of-year school parties! 

And as our social calendars begin to fill up, so too do our plates with food and glasses with alcohol. Temptations are everywhere we look and the opportunity to stray off track with our health is greater than ever. Let’s be honest, it takes a strong person with a lot of willpower to say ‘No’ to an overflowing cheese board and free drinks on your boss.

The truth is, Christmas is a time to be enjoyed with the people around you. Every Christmas party is a fun and exciting way to celebrate the year that was and unwind with the people who contributed to it. Therefore, it’s really important throughout this period to be kind to yourself and to accept that you won’t be as regimented or disciplined with your health as you might usually be. And that’s OK – Christmas is only a short period of time in the space of a year.

But, it’s also important that your health and wellbeing isn’t completely pushed to the back of your mind in the same way your running shoes have been kicked to the back of the wardrobe.

So, we’re here to share with you our top tips for finding a healthy balance during the Christmas party season. That’s right – there is a way to have your Christmas cake and eat it too… 

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Everything in moderation.

We don’t know about you, but all of the articles we’ve read about staying on track over the holidays mention bringing your own plate of healthy food to a Christmas party so that you know there will be nutritious options available to you…

…This is good advice – until you get to the party and watch others enjoy cheese, Christmas cake and mince pies while you munch away on a carrot. All this will do is increase your cravings for junk food and take away your enjoyment of the event.

So instead, why not exercise the 80/20 rule? Fill your plate up with 80% of the healthier options and 20% of the unhealthier ones. That way you’re still able to enjoy your Christmas favourites minus the guilt.

Set mini-goals for each Christmas Party.

A great way of keeping yourself accountable is to set realistic mini-goals for each party. For example, instead of having an entire bottle of champagne (and risking telling your colleagues exactly how you feel about them) why not set yourself a mini-goal of only having a few glasses. Or, maybe instead of going all-out on the grazing platter, you might limit yourself to only a few of the options presented.

What happens if you do fall off track?

Now, we get it. It’s easier said than done to exercise self-control when temptation is staring you in the face. So, if you do find yourself over-indulging at your next Christmas party, here are our go-to quick tips that you can implement in the moment:

– Simply stop and pause for a moment.

– Count backwards from three.

– Reflect on your WHY (that deep, emotional reason of why you really want to make a change).

– If you’re still struggling, try focusing on the positive consequences if you do avoid temptation and stay on track. How will you feel about yourself? Proud? Confident? Like a goddamn goddess? Allow that positive vision of yourself to keep you focused and in control.

Let LifeBuddi keep you accountable at every Christmas Party… 

Now, it’d be silly for us not to mention the LifeBuddi app – which we happen to think is a great way of staying on track over the festive season.

Not only will LifeBuddi catch you during the Christmas party season, but it will help you stay you focused all year long. Schedule your 7-day Action Plans around Christmas shopping, receive daily motivational coaching, and celebrate your small wins along the way. You can download the iOS App for free by clicking here.

So there you have it; 4 easy ways to find a healthy balance throughout the party season. Leave the carrots at home (unless it’s your job to bring the salad), enjoy the food and alcohol in moderation, set mini-goals, and reflect on your WHY.


LifeBuddi is the motivation app for your health that makes you stronger than your strongest excuse. Through 7-day action plans tailored to suit your busy life, daily motivation, and personalised health coaching – there’ll be no more “I’ll start tomorrow.” 

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