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have your Christmas cake and eat it too




How to Have your Christmas Cake and Eat it Too

Christmas – it’s the most wonderful time of the year.  The festive season is a time to spend with loved ones, unwind from the hustle and bustle of work, and listen to Bing Crosby and Mariah Carey on repeat. But, let’s be honest…it’s also bloody tough, especially if you’re conscious about your health and wellbeing. Like clockwork every year, our social media feeds and news headlines become flooded with unrealistic headlines like “Stay on Track This Christmas!” or “How to…

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how to stay on track




How to Stay On Track Everyday: Part 3

Have you ever felt fired up to make a change in your life, but soon found yourself saying “I just can’t be bothered?” If you have, don’t worry – you’re not alone…  Welcome back to our ‘How to Stay on Track Everyday’ blog series. In Parts 1 and 2 of the series, we introduced you to the concept of ‘Failure Traps’ and taught you how to overcome those pesky 3pm sugar cravings. But, as we’ve talked about before, although it’s…

stay on track part 2




How to Stay On Track Everyday: Part 2

Welcome back to our blog series on How to Stay On Track Everyday. In our last instalment, we introduced the concept of ‘failure traps’ – those moments of temptation that test our motivation and make it difficult to achieve our health goals. Picking up from where we left off, Part 2 of our series focusses on avoiding failure trap that most of us face every single day: the 3pm sugar cravings. Or, what seem people refer to as the afternoon…

change your mindset




How to Change Your Mindset from “I Can’t” to “I Can”

Do you struggle to maintain motivation when it comes to your health? Are you constantly wrestling with the voice in your head that’s saying you can’t do it, or that it’s all too hard? Feeling this way is not uncommon. In fact, it’s very normal. Life is busy – and more often than not, it’s got a pesky habit of getting in the way. The truth is, deciding to make a change to your health and setting a goal is…

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stay on track




How to Stay On Track Everyday: Part 1

Picture this: It’s Monday and you’ve set aside time to go to the gym after work. You promise yourself that you’ll be out of the door and head straight to your workout. But as 5.00pm approaches, you start to feel your motivation slowly (but surely) dwindle away. You’re tired. You’ve had a long day. That nagging voice suggests “you can do it tomorrow”. Before you know it, the thought of your healthy workout is trumped by binge-watching your favourite Netflix…





5 Excuse-Proof Ways to Take Time for Yourself

To take time for yourself – what a luxury, right? But what if it didn’t have to be? What if “me” time became a regular action in your day? Imagine if you actually put yourself first? So many of us fall into the trap of believing that to take time for yourself is a selfish or indulgent activity. Particularly for parents, the needs of the kids, the house, the boss, even the dog – take precedence over our own needs…

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know your why




Why you need to know your WHY

Have you ever tried to lose weight or improve your fitness – only to get started but fall off track? Maybe you’ve hit the snooze button instead of getting up for your morning workout. Or, maybe you’ve had a momentary lapse in self-control as you find yourself elbow-deep in the cookie jar. You’re not alone – we’ve all been there. Most of us more than once. This can lead to a sense of failure, leaving us feeling frustrated, guilty, and unmotivated.…

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