We’re on a mission to improve the lives of everyday people.

At LifeBuddi, we know that it’s not easy taking care of our health and wellbeing. We understand that sometimes life just gets in the way. That’s why we’re on a mission to help everyday people just like you to live better and get more out of life.


To assist everyday people to regain control of their lives and live better through improved health.


To help people across the globe improve their health and get more out of life.


Creativity, truth, passion, and delight.

Where it all began…

Every story starts somewhere, and for LifeBuddi, it’s the lessons learned by Brad McDougall through his desire to help everyday people to simply live better and get more out of life.

Brad is the Founder and CEO of LifeBuddi. He’s worked in the health and wellbeing arena for more than 20 years, and is passionate about making a real difference to the lives of real people. During his career, Brad has noticed that everyday people don’t really want to be super models or elite athletes. Instead, we just want to have more energy for the things that really matter. But, making that happen can be quite challenging. We simply find it hard to fit health in our busy lives, and when we get started we sometimes lose motivation and can’t stay on track – life gets in the way.

Brad has found that the problem with most health and wellbeing programs and mobile apps and devices is that they typically fall into one of two categories. They either tell you what to do without understanding your life, or simply track your fitness or count your calories. That’s great if you know what to do and are steadily on track. But that doesn’t work for the 82% of us that want to be healthier but struggle to get it done. So, Brad recognised the need for a program that supported everyday people to address the barriers that prevent change – like finding time, staying motivated, and being well supported.

Imagine the difference we can make to the lives of millions of people by breaking through the barriers which have been holding them back and preventing them from getting more out of life. That’s what LifeBuddi does. It’s been developed by people who know and understand the areas that people struggle with, and by blending behavioural science with smart technology, we’ve been able to produce something that removes those struggles. LifeBuddi is about making small steps everyday to create a better you.

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What we do…

At LifeBuddi, we take the latest innovations in health technology, behaviour change theory and practice to help people make positive changes in their lives.

By blending behavioural science with smart technology, we’ve created a life app that gets to know you, works with you, and supports you.

LifeBuddi identifies your readiness to make a change, learns what motivates you most, guides you to schedule health and wellbeing activities that fit your life, keeps you on track and accountable, supports you when you need a helping hand, and celebrates your wins with you.

We’re removing the struggle of wanting to be healthier, and helping you to regain control of your life.