It’s that time of year again! The festive season has come and gone and the unwanted Christmas kilos have firmly taken up residency around your waistline. Yes, the new year is upon us. It’s time! Time to plan, time to act, time to make some changes so that 2018 is your healthiest year ever.

So with boundless enthusiasm you get the gym shoes out of holiday retirement, make a date with the fruit and vegetable department at the grocery store, and set a course for renewed health and vitality. It somehow seems familiar – you’ve been here before. In fact it was only 12 months ago, and the year before…

Here we go again: January is rolling past (in the blink of an eye), and the kid’s endless demands and the chore of getting back to work absorbs any free time you had set aside for yourself. The ‘old routine’ sets back in and before you know it, the motivation to reinvent yourself sets sail for South America – while your feet remain firmly on dry land.

So why do we fail every year when it comes to our New Year’s Resolution? Well, the answer is quite simple and it’s not that difficult to turn around…


For most of us the process of getting started with a New Year’s Resolution is relatively straightforward (in theory). We acknowledge that something needs to change and we make a decision to do something about it. Right? So why do we find ourselves either never starting or slowly drifting off path and failing over time?

The undisputed reason why we fail at achieving a New Year’s Resolution is because we haven’t set a clear foundation for success.

Think of it like renovating your house. You wouldn’t start renovating if you didn’t have solid foundations would you? So why would you start renovating YOU if you don’t have a solid platform for success? If your foundations are weak then you are almost guaranteed to fail (and we all know what that feels like).

Here’s 3 proven and easy ways to set your foundation and build a solid platform that will ensure 2018 is your year for success:

Step 1: Readiness

The first and one of the most important pillars for a solid foundation is Readiness. Start by asking yourself “Am I really ready for this?” “Am I truly committed to making some changes, some sacrifices, and get out of my comfort zone?” “How serious am I about getting this done?” This is the time to be completely honest with yourself –  is it desire, or intent?

Give yourself a score out of 10. If you’re a 7 or above your set to go. If you’re under a 7 then DON’T START. There’s a few things you need to do to get set – we’ll tell you more about these later.

Step 2: Importance

The second pillar of a successful foundation is ‘Importance’. We all know those moments when we’re faced with a decision to either ‘stay (on track), or stray (off track). It might be the 6am alarm clock for your morning walk, or the 3pm sugar craving. Whatever the situation, if the level importance you place on being healthier and the ‘better you’ is higher than the temptation or alternative then you are more likely to stay on track.

A successful way of doing this is to get clear on your WHY. Ask yourself “Why do I want to change?” “In what way will this change effect my life?” Maybe it’s because you want to have more energy for the kids, or your partner. Maybe you want to be more productive at work? Or maybe you just want to have more confidence and self worth. Whatever the reason, it must be deeply personal to you. Take a moment and get clear on that – the stronger the importance the better, and when the temptation to ‘stray’ arises remind yourself of your WHY. It’s a very powerful tool.

Step 3: Getting Clear

The last pillar for a successful foundation is clarity, or vision. Having a very clear picture in your mind of how the new you will look and feel acts as a very strong magnet and helps you stay focused.

Start by closing your eyes and visualising how will you look when you lose those extra kilos? What are you saying to yourself when you see your ‘new self’ in the mirror? What are others saying about you?

I know it sounds a little weird but a funny thing happens when we get really clear and ‘visualise’ our new self – our unconscious mind kicks into gear and helps us along the way. There’s a whole bunch of science to explain how this happens (that’s for another day) but for now, take the time to get clear and your unconscious mind will actively seek out what you want, will put things in front of you, and act like a magnet to make your goals easier to achieve.

Next Steps

Ok. So how is your foundation? Are you ready? Is it important? Do you have a clear vision? If the answer is yes to all, then you’re set to take off. Time to starting putting some structures in place around finding time and being well supported (but that’s another topic we’ll cover soon – stay tuned).

BUT, if your foundation is a little weak then we can help now. Sign up to our Free 5-Day Facebook Challenge on ‘How to Stay on Track with Your New Year’s Resolutions in 2018’ and become a master in finding time, staying motivated and overcoming obstacles to stay on track throughout 2018!

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