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Its time to take health out of the too-hard basket
Tried everything but nothing has worked? Let LifeBuddi help you find time, stay motivated, and break the struggle of staying healthy.

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Motivational Nudges When You Need It Most


No more hitting the snooze button or saying “I’ll start tomorrow”. At those moments when you struggle, LifeBuddi’s got you covered. Powerful motivational nudges that keep you focused and on track, everyday.

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Organised. Scheduled. Health… sorted.


Find your ‘Me Time’, schedule health to fit your busy life and have everything neatly laid out for the week ahead.

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Guided. Empowered. Connected 24/7


Learn why you fail time and again, and have all the tips and tricks for success in your pocket. Plus, connect and interact with like-minded people.

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How It Works

Get Clear On Your WHY

LifeBuddi will help you get clear on what’s really driving you, then maintain your motivation when you need it most

Focus On Small Steps

LifeBuddi guides you one step at a time, so you’ll build skills, confidence and stay focused everyday

Learn & Be Supported

LifeBuddi coaches and supports you 24/7 to get on track and stay on track - long term

  • Celebrate your wins

    Track your progress and celebrate your success

  • Retrain Your Brain

    Learn how to overcome obstacles that get in your way and stay motivated everyday

  • Create an action plan

    Build tailored 7-day action plans that fit your life. Create your own or have LifeBuddi suggest one for you based on your lifestyle

  • Find your 'WHY'

    Get clear on WHY you want to make a change and LifeBuddi will use it to nudge you along the way – especially when you need it most

Struggle to find time for health in your busy life, or maintain motivation to stay on track?

Unlike traditional health and fitness apps that simply track your steps or count your calories, LifeBuddi solves the 3 key problems that people like you struggle with when trying to improve their wellbeing: staying motivated, finding time, and getting the support they need.

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Age 50, Sydnay, Lecturer


LifeBuddi has given me positive encouragement so that I have more energy for my kids.

Age 50, Sydney, Housewife


I love the activity reminders I get with LifeBuddi.
They keep me motivated and on track.

Age 30, Sutherland, Teacher


With LifeBuddi, I feel motivated everyday. I’m losing weight and feeling great about myself.

you are not alone
you are not alone

You’re Not Alone

We all struggle but it doesn’t have to be a negative or lonely experience. Interact within a pro-active and supportive community of like-minded people who share their wins, tips and tricks along the way.



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Download LifeBuddi today and in just 7 days your health will be back on track for good. Whether you want to lose weight, create a healthier lifestyle, or simply have more energy for the things that matter, LifeBuddi will help you take health out of the too-hard basket.

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