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Struggle to find time for health in your busy life, or maintain motivation to stay on track?

Say hello to LifeBuddi – the life app that helps you live better, everyday. Think of it like your personal assistant and motivation mentor that takes health out of the too-hard basket.

Unlike traditional health and fitness apps that simply track your steps or count your calories, LifeBuddi solves the 3 key problems that people like you struggle with when trying to improve their wellbeing: staying motivated, finding time, and getting the support they need.

Find Time

LifeBuddi helps you find time for health by scheduling it to fit your busy life

Stay Motivated

LifeBuddi keeps you motivated with personalised nudges when you need them most and trains you to overcome hurdles to keep you on track everyday

Be Well Supported

LifeBuddi supports and coaches you 24/7 and connects you with like-minded people so that you’re never alone

  • Find Your 'WHY'
    Find Your 'WHY'

    Find your 'WHY'

    Get clear on WHY you want to make a change and LifeBuddi will use it to nudge you along the way – especially when you need it most

  • Choose Your Focus
    Choose Your Focus

    Choose your focus

    Stay focused by deciding what you want to improve for the week ahead

  • Create an Action Plan
    Create an Action Plan

    Create an action plan

    Build tailored 7-day action plans that fit your life. Create your own or have LifeBuddi suggest one for you based on your lifestyle

  • Customise Reminders
    Customise Reminders

    Customise reminders

    Set personalised reminders and nudges that keep you moving forward. Record your own or have someone important record a custom message for you

  • Go Deeper on Your 'WHY'
    Go Deeper on Your 'WHY'

    Go deeper on your 'WHY'

    Stay focused on your ‘WHY’ by using an image, video or text to remind you of why you want to change and keep you on track

  • Retrain Your Brain
    Retrain Your Brain

    Retrain your brain

    Learn how to overcome obstacles and create positive habits through a health coaching audio series

  • Celebrate Your Wins
    Celebrate Your Wins

    Celebrate your wins

    Track your progress and celebrate your success

  • Be Supported, Everyday
    Be Supported, Everyday

    Be supported, everyday

    Be coached and supported 24/7. Plus have the option of inviting friends and family to follow your journey, or connect with like-minded people

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LifeBuddi is a life app that helps you live better, everyday. LifeBuddi guides you to fit health into your busy life, keeps you motivated and on track everyday, gives you all the support you need to succeed, and lots, lots more. Whether you want to lose weight, create a healthier lifestyle, or simply have more energy for the things that matter, LifeBuddi will help you take health out of the too-hard basket.



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